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I don’t know about everybody else, but March Madness has really been limiting my read-time these last few days. And when I wasn’t watching the games at work (I kid! …a little bit), my lovely coworker Sam shared this article with me, which is relevant not only to my blog but to our jobs as well. 

Traditionally, clickbait is just that – a catchy and/or sensationalist headline meant to bait readers into clicking on them, usually to generate revenue. Something everyone should be wary of these days, but in some cases, such as with this campaign, it’s something I think we can all get behind. Dallas bookstore The Wild Detectives launched Litbait last year on National Read a Book Day (which I’ll have to remember when it rolls around this year!), using witty headlines to direct people to blog posts that included the texts of entire books.

A very clever campaign that I love! Definitely worthy of all the clicks. Check out the full story with examples here.

I definitely would’ve clicked on “British guy dies after selfie gone wrong.” Which link are you not too ashamed to admit you would’ve tried?


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