Review Policy

If you have a book you’d like me to read and review, please read through my policy below. Unfortunately, at this time, I’m not accepting review requests. I will update this page when that changes.



I am open to most types of adult fiction, but I prefer contemporary and literary fiction. I will consider standalone science fiction or fantasy and young adult novels if the description is compelling. I do not read romance novels, young adult fantasy, or adult fantasy series.


Within this category, I prefer memoirs and nonfiction with a focus on food, books or culture.


I will consider other genres or topics on a case-by-case basis. Please consider if it is in line with what I’ve read and enjoyed in the past. I encourage you to check out my past reviews or my profile on Goodreads before submitting something for consideration that isn’t specified above.


I prefer physical books but will accept digital copies (Kindle only).


I no longer post long-form reviews of books that I would rate at 3-stars or less. (How I Rate) However, all books that I read are included in my monthly book list covering recent reads along with a star rating and a brief description and/or mini review. If I do not end up liking a book you sent, it will not receive a dedicated post. All long-form reviews are accompanied with a recipe of my choosing.

I will do my best to post reviews of advance reader copies on or before the release date. Otherwise, I typically schedule my reviews in the order in which I finish reading. If you have a specific timeframe you’d prefer the review is posted, please let me know when sending your request and I will take it into consideration.


Please use my contact form to begin the conversation. Unfortunately, I’m unable to respond to every request I receive and will likely only reply to those requests I’m interested in pursuing.